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  • Criticalcow
    Criticalcow posted the thread Survival Shop in Suggestions.
    Be able to sell emerald blocks/ emeralds on there :D
  • phillips8
    phillips8 posted the thread Crafting Table Issue in Issues.
    The crafting tables will not allow shift clicking of items. I am wondering if this is a me issue or server issue. I have tried...
  • cld1665
    cld1665 posted the thread New commands in General.
    Under guides can a new list of commands be listed for the new survival server? Like the command to add a description when a warp is...
  • WhereDadG0
    WhereDadG0 posted the thread Eras on earth in Suggestions.
    Me and Many others would like an era type thing where we dont drown and town fly idk me and many others liked that before reset i think...