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    Leaving countries

    Make sure you've secured all your belongings, then type /t leave to leave your town.
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    Slimefun Helper Pet Now Live

    Now, when you graduate from Minepixel University in-game using the /uni command or purchase a Slimefun Unlock from the store, you get the exclusive Slimefun Helper Pet. This little guy will follow you around with the Slimefun guide while you tend to your machines!
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    Moobloom Pets Now Live

    On September 27, 2020, it was announced that a mob vote will take place during Minecraft Live 2020 on October 3 at 12 PM Eastern - the Moobloom was one of three mobs on the vote, but was the first one to be eliminated. They would have spawned in flower forests and interacted with bees in some...
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    Slimefun PHD Degree now available

    If you've purchased Slimefun Unlock from, you can now get the @[🧪] Slimefun Researcher role, and claim your customized Slimefun PHD on Discord by typing $sf in the #bot-commands channel. Note: If $sf does not work for you, re-log on the server. To purchase, visit...
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    Two Dragons have been unleashed!

    The Terra Voidling and The Nemesis have been unleashed into the Minepixel Rank this Halloween! Spawn in these big monsters with the /mpet command in-game! (Minepixel Rank Required) You can grab Minepixel for 70% OFF Winter/Equinox Sale at Note...
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    Armorstand Editor is here

    After lots of requests and suggestions, you can now customize armor stands with limitless possibilities using this tool! Just right click a flint to access the editor.
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    Minepixel Rank Wallpaper Series

    Now introducing custom Minepixel Rank Wallpapers! As a thank you to our Minepixel Ranked players, we've carefully crafted this one-of-a-kind wallpaper for you. Head to the #bot-commands in our Discord server ( channel and type $wallpaper or $midnightwallpaper for a...
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    New Minepixel Rank Perk Added!

    Features: - Set your chat to any Minecraft color - Set your chat to rainbow colors - Give your chat a color theme with alternating colors - Set your chat to any of 16 million colors (Use the hex values from: Type /chatcolor to select your colors...
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    Haunted Crate Update

    The Haunted Halloween Crate has been dug up from its grave! 👻 Get it here: * Only available during Halloween month Check reward details by typing /crate in-game! NOTABLE EXCLUSIVE REWARDS INCLUDE: - 3 x New Tags. - Glowing Effect - Glow in multiple...
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    Discord Rankups

    You can now rank up and unlock new roles based on your activity in our Discord server! For role requirements, check the #🔰rankups channel. To check your level, type !rank in the #bot-commands channel on our Discord server:
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    Monthly Voter Supporter Prizes

    I've responded to your ticket in Discord.
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    Monthly Voter Supporter Prizes

    Congratulations to our top voter supporters from September! 🏆 #1 - Taner12345 (180 Votes) 🏆 #2 - alarmtech1 (180 Votes) 🏆 #3 - Celticism (178 Votes) 🏆 #4 - Neohellsing (177 Votes) 🏆 #5 - HAFilms (174 Votes) They have also won cash credit to the store worth over $700! Votes have been reset for...
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    ❄ Wintertime Crate Update

    The Seasonal Wintertime Crate has slid onto the server. Check it out by typing /crate in-game! Get it here: ⛄ NOTABLE EXCLUSIVE REWARDS INCLUDE: - 3x New Tags. - ArtMap - Create custom images using maps and item-frames with unlimited...
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    Minepixel University Update

    You can now graduate from Minepixel University in various disciplines. Degree Programs: Slimefun Mystical Mining Mythical Fishing Finance Innovation Rankups MCMMO Achievements By graduating, you will receive a unique, one-of-a-kind custom degree with your name on it. Type /uni in-game to...
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    Mystical Mining Update

    New mystical materials have been discovered deep under the surface! Features: Fluxes: Orbs you can find when mining certain ores which can then be sold to a mining market. Gemstones: They can be sold to the mining market as well. Rune Dust: Gained from Refining 'Mysterious Dust' in a Refinery...
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    70% OFF SALE - Limited Time Only.

    Enjoy up to 70% OFF for a very limited time!
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    Bedrock Edition Support Is Here!

    You can now connect to using Minecraft Bedrock Edition! Note: We do not officially support Bedrock Edition, and are not responsible for issues you come across while playing on Bedrock Edition. Report all bugs at Known Issues - The MOTD does not...
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    Mythical Fishing Update

    Mythical fishes have swam their way into the oceans of Minepixel! Features: - Catch unusual, rare, mythical fishes, and sell them for cash. - Earn Entropy and exchange it for custom items to boost fishing rewards. - Participate in daily tournaments to earn Keys, and Money! - Type /menu in-game...
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    Top Votes Cleared

    Vote rewards reset for the month of August! September Top Voter Rewards +$300 Store Credit +$200 Store Credit +$100 Store Credit +$80 Store Credit +$50 Store Credit All Voters. Chance to win $100 Store Credit! Vote Links
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    New Karma Effects Launched

    You can now type /karma in-game to activate special effects! Type /reward to gain karma every 15 hours! This applies to Survival and Earth for now!