Monthly Voter Supporter Prizes

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Congratulations to our top voter supporters from September!

🏆 #1 - Taner12345 (180 Votes)
🏆 #2 - alarmtech1 (180 Votes)
🏆 #3 - Celticism (178 Votes)
🏆 #4 - Neohellsing (177 Votes)
🏆 #5 - HAFilms (174 Votes)

They have also won cash credit to the store worth over $700!

Votes have been reset for the month of October!
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❄ Wintertime Crate Update

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The Seasonal Wintertime Crate has slid onto the server.

Check it out by typing /crate in-game!
Get it here: ⛄

- 3x New Tags.
- ArtMap - Create custom images using maps and item-frames with unlimited possibilities! Guide
- Vacuum Chest - Sucks all items from the chunks that it is placed in (limitless uses).
- Sell Chest - Sells all items at set intervals, even when you're offline (limitless uses).

Minepixel University Update

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You can now graduate from Minepixel University in various disciplines.

Degree Programs:
  • Slimefun
  • Mystical Mining
  • Mythical Fishing
  • Finance
  • Innovation
  • Rankups
  • Achievements

By graduating, you will receive a unique, one-of-a-kind custom degree with your name on it.
Type /uni in-game to earn your next degree from Minepixel University!

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