New Minepixel Rank Perk Added!

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- Set your chat to any Minecraft color
- Set your chat to rainbow colors
- Give your chat a color theme with alternating colors
- Set your chat to any of 16 million colors (Use the hex values from:

Type /chatcolor to select your colors.

Get Minepixel here: Upgrade to Minepixel here:

Haunted Crate Update

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The Haunted Halloween Crate has been dug up from its grave!

👻 Get it here:
* Only available during Halloween month

Check reward details by typing /crate in-game!

- 3 x New Tags.
- Glowing Effect - Glow in multiple colors (including blinking and rainbow animations)
- Purple Colored Chat - Chat in a special Halloween Edition purple color.
- Spirit Chest - Link these chests together with /chests link and they magically connect to each other as one!

Discord Rankups

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You can now rank up and unlock new roles based on your activity in our Discord server!

For role requirements, check the #🔰rankups channel.
To check your level, type !rank in the #bot-commands channel on our Discord server:

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