Two Dragons have been unleashed!

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The Terra Voidling and The Nemesis have been unleashed into the Minepixel Rank this Halloween!

Spawn in these big monsters with the /mpet command in-game! (Minepixel Rank Required)
You can grab Minepixel for 70% OFF Winter/Equinox Sale at

Note: These are pets launched exclusively for Halloween, and will be available even after Halloween Events are over.

Armorstand Editor is here

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After lots of requests and suggestions, you can now customize armor stands with limitless possibilities using this tool!

Just right click a flint to access the editor.

Minepixel Rank Wallpaper Series

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Now introducing custom Minepixel Rank Wallpapers!
As a thank you to our Minepixel Ranked players, we've carefully crafted this one-of-a-kind wallpaper for you.

Head to the #bot-commands in our Discord server ( channel and type $wallpaper or $midnightwallpaper for a custom wallpaper with your player signature.

Note: The generator uses the player skin associated with the name of your Discord nickname. If your Minecraft name has changed, request an update from the #📨support in our Discord server.

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