1. BusyPixel @ BusyPixel: 😆 Nevermind I broke them for a few minutes, back to the old ones I guess.
  2. the_Darknis @ the_Darknis: how do mine look?
  3. BusyPixel @ BusyPixel: Looks fine to me :)
  4. Promage3 @ Promage3: :coffee:
  5. BusyPixel @ BusyPixel: 🍰
  6. Promage3 @ Promage3:
  7. LazyLambPlayz @ LazyLambPlayz: hi
  8. BusyPixel @ BusyPixel: Hello :)
  9. Crazy_Mercury @ Crazy_Mercury: what does registering on the forums doing
  10. BusyPixel @ BusyPixel: It gives you access to the community kit ingame and also access to the forums :)
  11. Groothi @ Groothi: why dont you leave this i got muted for metionibg a bug
  12. rockojsj @ rockojsj: hi
  13. rockojsj @ rockojsj: can i apply for staff?
  14. BusyPixel @ BusyPixel: @rockojsj Check the forums to apply or type /apply in-game for the link! :)
  15. Neon @ Neon: hehe
  16. Crazy_Mercury @ Crazy_Mercury: What is the enchantment plugin you guys have?
  17. Ereo Alt @ Ereo Alt: Hi
  18. BusyPixel @ BusyPixel: 👋
  19. Solaror @ Solaror: Oh cool this is a thing
  20. BusyPixel @ BusyPixel: Yup, if discord goes down (during apocalypse) you can always use this shout box to get in touch with me :)
  21. Nionium @ Nionium: What is the point of this?
  22. BusyPixel @ BusyPixel: Its a shoutbox, so you can shout.
  23. Solaror @ Solaror: o thats dope
  24. ElRiley @ ElRiley: hm
  25. JustMe1236499 @ JustMe1236499: Cool

Now presenting...

Titans, Warps and Crates!

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Firstly, congratulations to DarkStarMU on becoming the first player to advance to the Titan Era on New Earth! 🎉


We've heard you pleas. Crates will no longer give you Tags that you already own! This means opening up the Netherite, or Personality Crates will always give you another chance at a different tag if you end up winning a tag you already own!

This also applies to Join Messages! We've added 4 new join/quit messages! Type /jm in-game to see them! You also, will permanently unlock a join/quit message and switch between your unlocks whenever you want using a GUI!


You will now be asked to confirm making payments to a warp, by retyping the warp name again, or by clicking the icon twice in the GUI! This prevents warp fraud.

Dangerous warps will now be...

Slimefun Chest Terminals have been disabled

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Historically, the ChestTerminal addon on our server has been responsible for a lot duplication issues, that were eventually patched. Unfortunately player's keep discovering new creative ways to find and exploit new issues relating to ChestTerminal.

Due to this, we've decided to completely halt our use of ChestTerminals on all of our servers, indefinitely.

We understand your frustrations. We've heard about them from you in the past. But in the interest of trying to create a fair and balanced gameplay, we cannot take a 3rd chance with the Slimefun ChestTerminal addon.

New Earth now launched!

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The New Earth server has now been launched!
Check it out by typing /earth in-game

1:1000 Scale World Map
Moon World
Hell World
Era Progression
War Vehicles
And much more!​

New Earth Launch Date Announced!

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New Earth will be launching this Friday at 2pm US Central time / 8pm UK time!

- Full 1.16 version with 1.8 PVP (toggleable)
- Get ready for your rebirth on a brand New Earth
- Remain a nomad, join a town or build your own nation!
- Advance through Era's to unlock additional perks. Reach the space age to travel to the Moon and encounter alien life
- Build a gateway to hell, fight demons, and Satan himself!
- Skirmish with other towns using tanks, planes and helicopters across unclaimed battlefields
- Farm and trade illicit substances
- And much more!

Limitations (This server is not for the casual Minecrafter)
- No /sethome (only bed respawning and respawn anchors)
- No /tpa (utilize vehicles, stargates, nether portals, and GPS teleporters for fast travel)
- No /spawn (you are born straight into the world with nothing)
- No custom enchantments (no emerald enchantments either)
- Nerfed /kits (donor kits have been...

Survival Enderdragon Boss Update

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  • New Enderdragon Boss added to the end!​
    • To get to it on Survival, you need to craft the End TP item by typing /ecraft
    • Stats:
      • Damage: 50 Hearts
      • Health: 2000 Hearts
    • Rewards:​
      • 1000 XP​
      • 100,000g​
      • ⚔ symbol in chat
      • Leaderboard position in /enderdragon
    • Other rewards:
      • Dragon Egg - 30% Chance
      • Dragon Head - 3% Chance
    • Respawn Timer - 6 Hours (check timer with /enderdragon)

  • View Distance for mobs and players increased!
    • Mobs - From 32 to 48 blocks
    • Players - From 32 to 48 blocks
    • This helps with visibility of Dragon in the end!
Let us know what you think about the changes in the comment section below!

Solo Bedwars Now Launched!

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Play a game of Bedwars on 11 new solo maps, on the /minigame server!​

Creative 1.16.1 Update

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The creative server has now been fully updated to 1.16 (with support for MC 1.9 - 1.16.1)!
Type /creative to join!​

1.8 / 1.9+ PVP/PVE on Survival

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Are you bored of 1.8 PVP (No attack cooldowns) and want to switch to 1.9+ PVP (with cooldowns, sweeping edge, etc), then you can now switch between the two on Survival!

Type /toggles and click the sword to switch between them.

Minepixel Minigames

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Never get bored after toiling away in a mine forever, ugh, try our minigames!

To join, just type /minigames or /arcade

We have an amazing lineup of games, Prophunt, Miniwalls, Party Games, Temple Run, Splegg, Bomb Lobbers, TNT Tag and Quake!

Party Games itself has a whopping 9 mini-minigames built into it that are picked at random!

Earn Pixelbox cosmetic coins by playing games, and compete with other players to get to the top of the weekly win leaderboards!

Get to it by typing /minigames or /arcade!

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